Travelling with kids to Shillong? Check these 12 places to take them to


Are you looking for kid-friendly activities and attractions in Shillong? Here are some activities which you should not skip while on vacation with young kids, infants, or your family. Find out where Shillong’s best playgrounds, water parks, and theme parks are for kids. Children won’t be restless in lengthy lines, will have fun, learn new things, and enjoy delightful food.

Then again, if your little ones are tired from all the fun they had through the day, you can spend the night at one of the comfy and reasonably priced Treebo Shillong Hotels. You can wake up refreshed after a good night’s sleep and head out for another day of adventure and fun.

Keep reading to learn about wonderful places and activities in Shillong to enjoy with your kids. Plan an unforgettable family vacation within your desired budget limit without sacrificing enjoyment! Discover our selection of family-friendly activities in Shillong for the best getaways and vacations.

Ø Elephant Fall, Shillong

Elephant Falls, which is perhaps the most widely recognized tourist attraction in Shillong, is referred to by the indigenous Khasi as Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew. Make sure this location is at the top of the itinerary if you are on a city sightseeing tour. When you arrive at the location, the foamy white water that rushes down the rocky steps will be the first thing you see. The waterfall’s slopes are covered with lush vegetation, which contrasts with the water’s pristine clarity and enhances the attractiveness of the setting. The waterfall was renamed Elephant Falls by the British because they had trouble pronouncing the original name. It is said that a large elephant-shaped boulder nearby is whence the waterfall earned its name. While an earthquake damaged the rock, the name survived. 

Ø Don Bosco Centre For Indigenous Cultures

The Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures Museum is a popular tourist destination if you’re enthusiastic about a place’s history and culture. It offers a peek at the varied and diverse cultures of the indigenous people of North East India. This museum is a must-visit if you want to learn more about certain special, distinctive areas of operation such as exhibitions, publications relating to culture, as well as information exchange and other activities. Explore the diverse cultures, habitats, occupations, history, language, religion, trade, technology, weapons, and music of north-eastern India all under one roof by visiting the various galleries, cultural artifacts, and paintings that depict the region’s many facets of culture and daily life.  

Ø Lady Hydari Park

This is the most charming attraction among the places to visit with kids in Shillong. This gorgeous garden mesmerizes with its lush grass, well-kept grounds, and variety of floral decorations around the Park. Animals in a little zoo also reside at this must-visit picnic location.

The neighborhood children’s park is fairly full, with youngsters playing and enjoying the huge park. This enormous park, which spans more than 500 meters, is located not far from the captivating Crinoline Falls. If you’re too exhausted to visit the falls after a day of sightseeing and park strolling, you may take a refreshing swim in the city’s only pool with the same name instead.

Ø Wards Lake

The Ward’s Lake cannot and should not be missed if you are in Shillong, especially on vacation with kids. This horseshoe-shaped lake lies in the centre of the city and is a favorite spot to relax with a stroll or view the lush lawn sprinkled with colourful flowers. Ward’s Lake is listed as the most popular attraction in the Shillong tourist guide, and we know why!

This lake, which Colonel Hopkins later built in 1894 and was named after Sir William Ward, the former Chief Commissioner of Assam, is a perfect example of how nature should be preserved.

It is also believed that a Khasi prisoner who asked permission to labor here did so in order to break up his tedious daily schedule. His contribution to the improvement of the area is thus still acknowledged today. In addition to the many different types of flora that cover it, the Botanical Garden next to the lake also includes a variety of orchids. The bridge in the middle of the lake is the ideal location to view the entire body of water and perhaps even feed the fish!

Ø Butterfly Museum

This privately owned museum is a delight for visitors, especially children and families who are visiting Shillong for the first time. It displays a variety of butterflies from different parts of the region. This museum, which Wankhar, Riatsamthiah owns and runs, is bursting with colour. Additionally, the museum runs a number of programs to protect and conserve different species of butterflies and moths. Even for commercial purposes, butterflies are raised to preserve the ecological balance. Keep some time aside for a visit to this incredible museum—it will be an experience you and your kids will never forget!

Ø Umiam Lake

This lovely lake attracts a lot of visitors from all across the nation. The lake was built as a result of a hydroelectric project called the Umiam Umtru Hydro Electric Power Project, which also encompassed the picturesque area. This lake, also known as Big Water or Barapani, is a great location to take in Shillong’s natural beauty. The emerald-colored hill that surrounds the area only enhances its splendor.

You and your kids will have a wide range of options, such as sailing and kayaking. Beautiful hills and a meadow surround the lake. The lake is a great place for enjoying a picnic since it is surrounded by lush meadows and vibrant flowerbeds.

Ø Little Chef Café

A lovely little café that serves pastries, sandwiches, and noodles, your kids will be spoiled for choice here! You can enjoy a night out, trying their delicacies with your tiny tots! Try the khasi putharo and dojhem as well as their stir-fried noodles. In addition to burgers and pasta, the menu also offers unique food such as sesame biryani. You won’t mind ordering French fries and hot cocoa at Little Chef Café because even this straightforward pairing is delectable. The atmosphere and music are both quite lovely and soothing.

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Because of its unspoiled beauty and the verdant hills that perfectly encompass it, Shillong is known as the Scotland of the East. Shillong is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the nation because of its stunning waterfalls, rolling hills, and lush greenery. Have fun on your family vacation!

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