Tips For Preparing Your Cat For A Stay At A Cat Lodging Facility

Cats typically don’t travel well, so removing them from their home and daily routine can be stressful. These tips can help your kitty adjust to their new environment and stay comfortable while you’re gone.

Make sure your cat is up to date on all of their vaccinations. It is also a good idea to bring documentation of their titer test in case they need to get additional shots.

Feeding Schedule

Cats are creatures of habit that feel safer and more secure with a consistent routine, which is disrupted when you leave them for vacation. Most cats do not enjoy staying at a cat lodging facility, and the environmental change can cause stress for them.

It can help to establish a feeding schedule before you go away, so the person looking after your pet will know when to feed them. Hang the program somewhere. Everyone in your family can see it, like on a refrigerator door or next to the cat food bowls.

This will also help your cat become accustomed to eating meals instead of free-feeding, which can lead to acid buildup and stomach upset. This can make it easier for you to transition your cat to a new diet after your trip.

Litter Box

Bringing your cat’s own litter box and bedding is essential to making her feel more at home. This will also help her avoid developing negative associations with her litter box while away from home.

Ensure her litter box is in a quiet place with good ventilation to reduce the chance of startling her while she eliminates. Avoid putting it near laundry machines, furnaces, or other noisy appliances.

You may need to improve access to the box by adding steps or a low entrance for kittens or arthritic cats. Make the entry manageable, or your cat may spray outside the box. Make sure her litter box is easy to clean, too, with a scoop and broom close at hand.


Cats love to play with string-type toys, and bringing some along is a good idea. They will also help keep your cat entertained during her stay in a hotel room, especially if you leave the blinds open so she can watch street life from a window.

Be sure to pack a few favorite toys your cat is used to playing with and any puzzle toys. Also, be sure to have plenty of pet wipes for cleaning paws and other minor accidents.

It’s a good idea to bring a small, travel-sized cage or pen, too, so your kitty has a secure place to stay when housekeeping cleans the room. It will also make you feel better knowing your cat is safe and sound, away from curious kids or dogs.

Vet Care

Your cat will be safe in their boarding condo, but the sudden change from your home environment to another place can still cause anxiety. They will wonder if you’re coming back and may become irritable or stressed during their stay.

Bringing their own favorite toys, bedding, and familiar blankets with your scent on them can help calm them during their stay. They should also have enough food to last them through the entire trip, any medications they take, and their current vet records.

Always ensure the hotel, Airbnb, or wherever you’re staying is pet-friendly before booking. Not all hotels or Airbnb will allow cats, so booking beforehand is best. This will save you the hassle of finding an alternative when you arrive.

Veterinary Records

Your pet’s medical records are the best tool for ensuring the safety and well-being of your feline companion during her stay. They systematically detail the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and results from your pet’s veterinary visits, making them useful for you, current, and future veterinary team members.

Legally, veterinary records are not accessible to the public except with client consent, a court order, or a subpoena, or when needed by state, local, or federal agencies for inspection or following civil or criminal proceedings against the veterinarian. However, accurate and thorough record-keeping is critical to defending your veterinarian in malpractice cases, where inadequate charting is frequently the central issue.

Ensure that any document a cat lodging facility prepares for your cat contains your contact information. Also, ask if the facility separates cat and dog guests.

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