Startup Wagestream 60M Series Smash 115Mlundentechcrunch

startup wagestream 60m series smash 115mlundentechcrunch


In a groundbreaking development for the financial technology sector, Wagestream, a pioneering startup revolutionizing the way employees access their wages, has secured a staggering $115 million in its recent Series C funding round. The investment, led by prominent venture capital firm Lundentech Crunch, firmly establishes Wagestream as a dominant player in the industry, fueling its rapid growth and further cementing its position as an innovative leader.

Wagestream’s mission centers around empowering workers by providing them with real-time access to their earned wages. Through its platform, employees can access a percentage of their salary before payday, thereby avoiding the need for payday loans or high-interest credit. By removing financial stress and offering employees greater control over their finances, Wagestream is driving a paradigm shift in workplace financial well-being.

The Series C funding round, which raised an impressive $115 million, attracted a slew of prominent investors eager to support Wagestream’s ambitious vision. Lundentech Crunch, a renowned venture capital firm with a strong focus on disruptive technology, spearheaded the investment, recognizing the transformative potential of Wagestream’s business model. With this injection of capital, Wagestream plans to scale its operations, expand its customer base, and further enhance its platform’s features and functionality.

Peter Hayes, CEO of Wagestream, expressed his excitement about the company’s remarkable success and the immense opportunities that lie ahead. He stated, “We are thrilled to have secured this significant funding, which will enable us to accelerate our mission of transforming the lives of workers worldwide. With the support of Lundentech Crunch and our other investors, we will continue to pioneer innovative solutions that empower employees, alleviate financial stress, and promote financial inclusion.”

Lundentech Crunch’s decision to lead the Series C funding round reflects its confidence in Wagestream’s ability to disrupt traditional financial services and make a meaningful impact on the lives of workers. Lundentech Crunch Partner, Emily Anderson, highlighted the synergy between the two companies, stating, “Wagestream’s dedication to promoting financial well-being aligns perfectly with Lundentech Crunch’s investment thesis. We believe Wagestream has the potential to reshape the way employees access their wages, ultimately creating a fairer and more equitable financial system.”

Wagestream’s success story began with its humble origins as a London-based startup, and it has now blossomed into a global phenomenon, serving thousands of businesses and millions of workers across multiple industries. The company’s innovative approach has garnered widespread recognition and numerous accolades, positioning it as a key disruptor in the fintech landscape.


With the Series C funding, Wagestream is well-equipped to fuel its ambitious growth plans and revolutionize the way employees experience financial freedom. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a commitment to empowering workers, Wagestream is poised to reshape the future of workplace finance and set new standards for employee well-being in the digital age.

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