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Imagine a world without any games. How boring it might look. Hopefully, our world is different. We can choose any type of game we like. Moreover, with modern technologies, there are many new gaming studios that are willing to conquer our hearts. If you enjoy playing fun88 check the online slots real money South Africa after daily routines. We are going to share some amazing latest game news from around the world. 

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

       KOEI Tecmo and Team Ninja have released a new gameplay trailer for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. The video is dedicated to concentrated slow-mo action and spectacular duels in the style of Chinese martial arts.

     The story of the game is dedicated to a nameless militia soldier who has to fight for survival in a dark fantasy world. The game is built around storytelling, drama, and action-packed action, with a combat system inspired by Chinese martial arts.

      Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be released on March 3, next year for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The game will be available on Xbox Game Pass at launch and will receive three add-ons upon release. 

Cities: Skylines

       The official Cities: Skylines channel has unveiled the release trailer for the new Financial Districts expansion. The Colossal Order studio itself calls the expansion small, but the game introduces many new features.

     Players will be able not only to build a financial district in which banks operate but also to trade on the stock market and follow the routes of collectors. Surprisingly, the collectors will not raise the level of crime in the city, but rather reduce it, but the financial districts bring more money from taxes but reduce the level of happiness.

     More details about the content of the add-on can be found in the tutorial below.

The DLC was liked by fans of the urban genre. It has 92% positive reviews on Steam. Cities: Skylines is available on PC and all current consoles.

Tower of Fantasy

     The official MMORPG Tower of Fantasy presented a trailer for the new hero of the game. They became the girl Laira, whose image was probably inspired by monastic clothes. In the cutscene, she comes after clone 14 and then fights through hordes of robotic enemies.

    The girl does this with the help of two huge robotic arms that scatter enemies in different directions. Lyra is described as cold and calculating, and is likely a clone as well, but chose to work against her friends. Her support skill can restore HP, and the girl herself only fights in close combat. Lyra will appear in the title soon.

     Tower of Fantasy is available on PC and smartphones.


       Foreign publications began to publish a preview of the fantasy action game Forspoken, and the reviews turned out to be rather contradictory. The richest and most varied system with a great variety of spells collected the most praise, and although in 3-5 hours of play the journalists managed to see only the tip of this iceberg, it turned out to be promising.

    The dialogues became a negative moment, and specifically, several publications at once noted the very unpleasant habit of the main character swearing through the word. Otherwise, opinions are divided: someone thinks that the dialogue with the bracelet turned out to be very interesting, and someone, on the contrary, calls them another weakness of the game. However, it is worth noting that, according to the materials already released, the main character gives the impression of an extremely unpleasant and annoying character.

    The most complete, detailed, and versatile analysis of the game was presented by the IGN channel. In addition to the above, we noted the sometimes appearing terrible blue filter, which, as it were, indicates the presence of the forces of darkness in the fantasy world, but actually spoils the picture and does not really allow you to enjoy the design of the enemies. The locations themselves also look very uneven: some of them are gray, boring, and lifeless, while others look cool and provide interesting gameplay opportunities. Eurogamer also noted the terrible stealth mission in the game, fortunately, the only one in the opening fragment.

Previously, a demo version of the game was published and criticized, which, according to the developers, does not reflect the final product.

     Forspoken will be released on January 24, 2023, for PC and PS5.

Baldur’s Gate 3

        Larian Studios has released the final Baldur’s Gate III early access patch, which does not include new locations and quests, but now players can create a paladin class hero and level up to the fifth level. It opens up access to a host of new spells and skills.

     This is the ninth patch of the game, which fixed many bugs, corrected the balance, and improved some aspects of the game. For example, the players received the flight spell.

Paladins will receive two subclasses and one secret. You will be able to choose between the Oath of Allegiance and the Oath of the Ancients. Both are on the side of good, but the former can inflict an aura of damage on allies, and the latter can heal the team.

     If you break the oath, then an oath-breaker knight will appear in the camp and offer to join their ranks. This will be the path of a full-fledged anti-hero.

     Baldur’s Gate III is available on PC. The game will be released from Early Access in August.

Bloons TD 6

     Epic Games has launched a giveaway of mystery games. The first title was the game Bloons TD 6 – it is made in the style of Tower Defense. The next giveaway starts in 24 hours.

     Action game in the style of Tower Defense. Set up the perfect defense with a combination of monkeys, upgrades, heroes, and abilities, then punch through all the balloons! Millions of players are already enjoying a massive and growing strategy game that provides endless hours of exciting gameplay.

     Bloons TD 6 was received warmly in general, noting interesting gameplay and nice graphics. On Steam, the title has already 97% positive reviews.

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